Monday, April 9, 2012

Joco Comendador Shoes 2012 Collection

Holla! Haven't posted for a very long time due to my busy sched and other stuff. :(
But still, I dont wanna miss out posting this! Even if its so-so late! Haha!

This was a very epic shoot for me for some reasons:
1st - Joco Shoes are very awesome & fierce! It feels so lucky to wear it!
2nd- When I woke up that morning, I got no voice and I was very sick.
3rd- I got no sleep the night before this because I went to Soderno & Better and went home like at 4am then woke up at 6am due to early call time. (My bad! Obviously -__- )
4th- I had a great team to work with! ♥ 

Photographed by Kevin Cayuca
Assistant Photographer: Jerby Tebelin
Styling by April Japzon
Assistant Stylist: Edrick Paz
Makeup / Hair  by Gerald Bryan Yokota / Armin Merilleno
Models: Anne Barker, Angela Sarmiento, Rommelle Bungay, Gic Aquino
Fashion: Vince Tolentino, Vin Orias, Diane Veloso, Geoff Zordilla, Renz Reyes, Mauve

BTS Video
by: Tricia De Ocampo

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Much Love!

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  1. J'adore! Those heels are so badass, you rock'd them well! x