Wednesday, September 12, 2012 is the expression of a craving for bold, chic, affordable shoes and accessories, and the desire to share such deals with others. Joni Thompson, and her sense of style and cost-consciousness inspired her to start an online store to offer the same to others. They are located in Calgary, AB, Canada and plan to ship to anywhere in the world!

An online Canadian store that targets women between the ages 16-30 who are looking for affordable, fresh, trendy, modern and fashionable shoes and accessories. They are a great benefit for girls who hate spending lots of money because of expensive shipping. Saphra is now planning to set up free shipping or a low shipping rate for both Canadian and international customers.

They want their customers to be able to look good and still have money left over so they can go out with the shoes or accessories they just bought and be able to afford more items! 

Here are some of the items that is planning to sell as soon as they launch.

I can't wait for to finally launch and be open to sell!
We all should watch out for it!
So, what's your fave pick among those given items? 
Mine is the blue studded wedge booties!

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