Sunday, April 14, 2013

CSB GradShow: Alter/ed Perspective

The most awaited day of every fashion student like me is our Graduation Fashion Show. Last March 22, 2013 CSB's AB-FDM Batch 109 had their Graduation Show already. A fruitful night of showcasing their talents and works. A night wherein their hard works and and sleepless nights are paid off.

Since I wasn't able to join the gradshow yet due to some under loads I had to make for my career and other stuff, I was still able to participate at the event while working. And of course, I participated as "the other side of me". I wore Angela De Dios, Drea Lopa and Bianca Ignacio's creations that night.  

It was a blissful night for my batch mates, our professors and their families for seeing the fruits of all their labors. I was so happy that night and I am so proud of my friends for the success of their show. 

First outfit by: Angela De Dios  

Second Outfit by: Drea Lopa

Third Outfit by: Bianca Ignacio

Here are some of the backstage photos:

Photo Credits: Paul Cortes |  Lorenzo Orosa |  Instagram Accounts: @angeladedios @drealopa @biancayignacio

Love Always 

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