Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Blue

Here's another quick post. Won't share that much about this cause I'm in some kind of a rush. So here, I just went for something casual yet chic. *Sorry for the unwanted folds on the upper picture. Hihi* These clothing pieces such as the blue chiffon top and the high-waist stripes skinnies are my latest  favorites from my wardrobe. They please my eyes so much and I just love them, and the good fit is a plus plus! 

Mood swings today, I was so pissed earlier but Y-E-S, with a simple caress it can all suddenly change. No time to feel blue, wearing blue is way better. Yay! Happiness =) 
*Wearing: Love Culture Chiffon Top | Forever 21 Stripe Pants | Kenneth Cole Handbag | SM Parisian Pumps 
I need to go! Hope you guys liked it! 
Kisses! Xx

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