Tuesday, October 22, 2013


So finally this is the "last late post from cali" that I was talking about. I've been sick these past few weeks (on & off) and it's a bad thing, because I don't get to do my usuals and I feel so unproductive. I  can't even workout that much and it sucks because Philippine Fashion Week is already approaching and I am supposed to shape up. Talking about PhFW, this week is kind of a hectic one since I need to werk my ass off in PhFW plus it's our Midterm Week in school, and Bigfish Manila Halloween Cream Ball '13 on the weekend. I know it's gonna be another busy week for me so I'm putting all of my hopes up to nail everything. I know all of these hard work will be paid off.

*Wearing: Dress c/o my Sister | Sunnies c/o Foursisters Shop | Michael Kors Bag

Love Always,

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