Friday, September 7, 2012

Crazy Getaway

Such a fun and epic day for me and my homies! It was our first time to go on a track and drag racing event at Batangas Racing Circuit last August 26, 2012. We spent our day as long as we could since the next day was a holiday. We all sacrificed ourselves just to get in to this event. All of us didn't have enough sleep due to our own different reasons, events, gimiks, etc. the night before this. Some of us just had the maximum of 1 to 2 hours of sleep and some haven't even slept at all.  The day before this was a Saturday, so what do you expect right? Lol.

I came from a long and tiring day before this event, I was from a cover shoot and a night out
and I only had 1 hour and 30 mins of sleep/rest/charge from my whole day of work. 
But I didn't mind it at all, just like what we all did.  

Our sacrifices were all worth it as soon as we got there. Seeing those super cars along the track and "along us" was fantastic! Just so you know, my friends are Auto / Vehicles Enthusiasts that is why this event was a super for us. I was just slightly influenced by them cause I find it so cool and I'm loving it!

This is a clip from one of the races during the event.

And moving on, I'll share this cutieee patootie candid photos from the day after this event. Thanks loves for the photos! I was about to meet my friends here on these pictures as they tripped me out using Bianca's cam. Then went to another friend's place for some school errands and it turned out to be an another xbox night! Yayy


Photos from Bianca's Camera

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