Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Beautiful Mess

A versatile outfit for the day is a girl's best friend. Emergency gimiks after school? A whole day of hanging out with friends? A coffee date to a night out? We couldn't tell whenever this thing happens and it's a fashion no-no for us to be underdressed or overdressed to whatever occasion. 

Instead of freaking out, why not try wearing something like this, a day time to a night time outfit that I'm sure that wouldn't get out of place.  

Wear something basic to balance the idea of being comfy yet "in".
Make sure to have it in a funky vibe colors that would give you an instant bliss for a whole day of hanging out. Then pull it up by adding some accessories. And lastly, the wedges! (Comfiness is everything!)

Lack Top & Aztec Leggings: Catfight Manila (By H&M) | Shoes: Random from Japan

And oh, I just wanna share this song that cause my Eargasm at  the moment.
A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz :

Have fun reading and listening! xx

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