Friday, November 23, 2012

Lace and Florals

This is a lil' Boho inspired outfit which is so perfect for a casual get along with friends. 
Keeping it chic with a lace top and floral bottoms gives it the fresh feeling that suits the usual sunny weather of Manila. Style it with a feather-like accessories for the boho-ish vibe, and of course add a chic yet comfy wedge to complete the look! 

Lace = Check!
Floral = Check!
Feathers = Check!
Wedge = Check! Check!

Simple. Carefree. Laid-back.
Perfect for a relaxing sunny day.

Lace Top & Floral Denim Shorts: Catfight Manila (By H&M) | Watch: Aldo| Aviator: Forever 21

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