Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Superman, Kimpoy Feliciano

As I watched the television this afternoon, I saw Kimpoy Feliciano on GMA as he launches his debut album on Party Pilipinas. This young social media heartthrob is surely taking his place into stardom and no wonder he has a long way to go for his career. He did a prod number with some other GMA young heartthrobs like Elmo Magalona, Jake Vargas, Alden Richards, etc. 

I felt so lucky, thinking that I've met and styled this guy already. He has the oozing charm and a very great personality. A very humble, down to earth and talented young man. No wonder why thousands of girls are dying to see him and are falling in love with him even only through his social media updates.   

There's a funny story behind this styling stint with Kimpoy. I honestly have a Final Exam in Pattern Drafting on the day of this shoot. I've heard a lot about Kimpoy but I never knew what he really does and why is he that popular on the internet. My curiosity led me to accept the stint even though I have a final exam and just has to leave early. 

While we are on standby, Ms. Annie and Ayel shares to us stuff about Kimpoy, and there I knew that he is the twitter's Superman. And while the team is having all those chit chats, I was just there on the side busy memorizing my drafts and so eager to push and get through the day. 

Photography: Darrel Pobre
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Associate Styling: Kaye Awatin and Angela Sarmiento
Grooming: Ruth Spence

Until I finally met the super nice guy, The Superman.
It felt like the whole effort in pushing through with the shoot was all worth it. I am so overwhelmed that I am one of the people he has worked with. And as far as I know, we are one of the first people he has worked with since he first got back to Manila again. Yayy!  

It was so sad for me to leave the studio early even if the shoot is not over yet, but of course I have other responsibilities to fulfill and I need to move on. Lol

And as the result of my early goodbye, I am not included in the team's group picture with him. But oh well, at least we had a picture together. 

It was a truly amazing experience for me, to meet an up shining star before he appeared on different tv shows and launches his very first album.

And hey, there's me with Kimpoy! :)))
And Special thanks to Topman, Sebago and Flying Dutchman!

Meanwhile, we also styled Khalil Ramos for the Pre-9th Anniversary Issue of Pinoy Song Magazine!! 

Hope you guys grab a copy!

Much Love,

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