Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey, Hey, 2013!

Hey, it's been a while! Mygaaahd. Welcome, 2013!!!
Oh well, got nothing much to say about this look. Just ended up wearing the usual black and white ensemble to achieve the classy vibe with this preppy look that I'm trying to feed in. This is actually a late post and it was taken during a business meeting/hangout/catching-up date with a good old friend of mine.

Top: H&M by Catfightmanila / Shorts: Forever 21 /  Shoes: Random from Japan

New term just started and basically I'll be a bit busy with school and work soon, well I hope I'd still be able to manage updating this blog of mine consistently bause as far as you guys know, I'm trying to nail everything this year and I hope I would be able to do so. That's kinda my new year's resolution! Lol. I know this year's gonna be better and crazier. So let's just hug the whole year with a smile on our face and a tougher spirit! 

Goodmorning and Goodnight!

Kissy from me! xx

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