Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away

February is finally here. My birth month. Love month & My favorite month forever.
This is the only month that never fails to excite me no matter what. I believe that it doesn't matter whether you have a partner or not every time the love month takes place. What matters most is on how you spread and show the love for all the people you cherish. February has been pretty memorable for me, I've learned a lot as my idea of growing up took place at this time of the year. I am honestly looking forward for a lot of good things for the rest of the year, and I can see myself having a good start. So, kudos to me!

Sheer Top/Dress: Catfight Manila Studded Pumps: Parisian

Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you a very good song that inspires me and my girl Jasmin.

Happy Reading and Listening! xx

Much Love,

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