Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Summer Hits

Summer Break is finally here! Horaaaaay for that!!! Just got here at California last Saturday to spend my vacay. Isn't it lovely to spend the upcoming days with our love ones who lives far from us and be stress free for a little while? I guess that would be the greatest thing ever! But it would be so much better if only my friends from P.I are here with me to break-free and spend the summer break as crazy as it could ever be . 

Meanwhile, I took advantage of the sunny afternoon weather of California to wear shorts and have a denim on denim ensemble. Plus my Giant Vintage Sunnies that perfectly suits the look and gave me an instant  vintage american vibe. 
Wearing * Forever 21 Booties and Vest | Sunnies c/o Giant Vintage | Lei Shorts 
Love Always,

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