Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly Recap

This is a recap of what am I up to these past few days through series of photos from my Instagram Account. It's been already a week since I got here and I spent it at San Diego, CA with my sister and her family, and some relatives. 
Tuesday was spent with my siblings, my bro-in-law, and my niece. We went to Fashion Valley, had a little make up shopping with my sister, my brother and bro-in-law had their own thing shopping for shoes and hoodies. Later that night, we had dinner at Saigon wherein I finally had Pho' again at its finest.

Wednesday was spent with the same people, had a movie date with them at Horton Plaza. Watched the last full show of Oblivion, but we're not quite impressed with it. I actually ended up sleeping at some part of it. We're just probably not a fan of sci-fi movies. 

Thursday was a chill day for me, just spent it at home having movie marathon at Netflix throughout the day. 

Friday morning was a bomb! Auntie prepared a Denny's-like breakky and I woke up early for that. Said goodbye to my diet for a little while. 

Saturday morning I saw my cutieee little niece wearing this bib, how sweet of her right? Lol. 
I love you too baby girl!

Sunday we went to Plaza with my siblings, and other relatives. Had Japanese for our late lunch at Bento & Noodles. This photo was taken at the Cemetery when we Visited Lolo Ben.

Yesterday, went to Carlsbad Premium Outlets after lunch. Had early dinner at In-n-Out, then went to Kaylyn's house later that day.

So that's the story behind my Instagram Pictures for the week. 
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