Monday, May 13, 2013

Try'na Creep A Little Sneak Peek

I love sunny days in Cali but today was extremely hotter than what I wanted. It seems like summer is already here. But still, I love how bipolar the weather is, cause I could get to wear both my summer clothes in morning and my warmers every night.

I am just as bipolar as the weather (as always), I admit. Today, I went for something light and bright for my outfit. I just felt happy and light despite of everything. There are mornings that I let some stuff kill my vibe, but today my morning was filled with bliss and love. Sometimes it's better not to mind what pisses me off, but just mind and absorb all the good and positive reasons behind everything instead.

Meanwhile, as you all can see I have the sneak peek to the 'Fat Angge' in the making lol, meanies are now free to hate. I'll soon get over of eating tons of carbs and sweets and get back to my major diet for the rest of my life. Amen.  
Wearing * Floral Corset c/o Greenlane Shop | TangerineMnl Skater Skirt| Sunnies c/o Giant Vintage 

There are just things that we can not explain, we just knew it because our hearts said so. 
Have a Goodnight everybody! Kissy! xx

Love Always,