Sunday, March 3, 2013

True Colors

Seasons are changing and time flies that quick. I can't even believe that it's March already.
My birthday just passed last Tuesday (Feb 26) and I officially turned 19. But nothing has changed, same old, same old, though getting more mature each day, I am still the bipolar girl you all used to know who is sometimes a girly girl or sometimes a tomboy.

I am never a fan of too much colors, but I like experimenting and trying out new stuff. So here am I, ended up with a lot of colors. So, what do you guys think?.. I think it worked well somehow. Right?

Oooh, and by the way! Sorry for the not-so-happy face! Hihi. It's just that I'm kinda tired the whole day before taking these shots.

Neon Top, Aztec Leggings and Neon Accessories: Catfight Manila | Shoes: CMG 

Mean while on my Instagram,

I posted this cutie patootie and very delish cake I got from my baby! It's one of my favorite cakes from Becky's Kitchen, and take note! Those candles are singing when lighten, cool beans right? :) I just love surprises as always, though it's just simple, the effort and the thought matters the most and the kilig factor that I felt! Heehee :">
He just never fail to made my day!  

Love Always,

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